Dropbox Integration

A reliable backup, archive and cryptoware recovery solution for users of Dropbox

Probax’s integration for Dropbox adds backup, archive and rapid ransomware recovery capabilities to the popular cloud storage and collaboration solution for businesses.

Retain customer data as secure, air-gapped restore points extending archive retention far beyond Dropbox's inbuilt 120-day versioning, with data highly accessible and ready to be restored back to the Dropbox account.


Secure and fast data sync

Cloud to cloud encrypted transfer. No upload on the organization's WAN is required.

Long-term data retention

Generous data archive schedules that align with your customers' RPO and budget requirements.

Simple pricing model

Simple per-user pricing model that provides either two years or unlimited retention.

Cryptoware recovery

Secure, air-gapped restore points which protect against ransomware and other malicious activity.

Single click restoration

Probax provides you with an independent copy of your Dropbox data, ready to be restored in one click.
Andrew Holding
Andrew Holding
Owner - Initiative IT, Australia
Single pane of glass management, setup within minutes and zero maintenance for the MSP. This is the “set and forget” Dropbox backup and archival solution we’ve been waiting for!

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