Success Story

Enabling a national IT services, cloud and telco provider to deliver exceptional data protection solutions

"We couldn’t be happier with Probax. Everyone from the helpdesk staff to the CFO has seen a marked change in the data protection solutions we deliver to clients."

- Michael Jolanski
Operations Manager WA, Anittel


Anittel is an award-winning leader in the IT, telecommunications and cloud space, providing services to organisations across regional and metropolitan Australia. Anittel’s broad solution range, coupled with highly skilled and personalised support, enables the firm to offer an end-to-end solution which is highly sought in the market. Anittel also has a strong presence across a spectrum of industries, ranging from education, health, medical, local government, professional services, accounting and finance.
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Australia-wide with 12 metro and regional offices locations
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ICT Managed Service Provider
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Managed IT Services, Professional Services, Hardware & Software Procurement, Cloud Services, Business Telecommunications

The Business Challenge

Ensuring business continuity has always been a major component of Anittel’s managed solutions.

After offering an in-house cloud backup and disaster recovery solution for several years, high costs, insufficient reliability and a lack of reporting functionality led Anittel’s management towards a rethink, ultimately deciding to engage a dedicated cloud services provider to partner with.

Michael Jolakoski, Operations Manager for Anittel, identified Probax as the solution for offering their clients reliable, cost-effective backup and disaster recovery services. Michael and his team put Probax under the microscope for 6 months and were impressed with how Probax reduced complexity, the level of service and the detailed reporting available to Anittel and its end customers.

As a tier-one solutions provider, Anittel needed a reliable data protection solution that would deliver more sophisticated reporting functionality and increased efficiencies of scale for the team.

Key Challenges Experienced


Customers were demanding more detailed reporting, testing and shorter RPO and RTO windows.


Need to replace the in-house product with a more automated, reliable solution.

High cost of cloud

The team were looking to reduce labour costs related to managing backups.

Pricing models

Move from CapEx for expensive backup infrastructure to a scalable and flexible OpEx model.
Probax Solution - Powernet

The Probax Solution

Having been thoroughly impressed with the results of their 6 month proof of concept, Anittel began migrating its data protection services from its internally hosted solution to Probax. At the same time, Anittel moved from their legacy backup software provider to Veeam.

Using a combination of Veeam software, Probax Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Archive as a Service (AaaS) solutions, Anittel was able to achieve Hyper-Availability for all virtual, physical and cloud based workloads - all from a single management console.

The ability of Veeam and Probax to provide a reliable service, while simplifying their existing data protection systems allowed Anittel to better monitor and manage their data protection solutions, and self-provision Veeam licenses , creating greater efficiencies of scale for the team. In addition, they no longer had to dedicate engineering staff to troubleshoot and prop up their aging and often unreliable internal solution.

By leveraging Probax, Anittel unlocked extensive benefits

Simplified Management

Management of all data-protection solutions from Probax’s multi-tenant console (Probax Hive) eliminated the need to login to multiple consoles

Increased Effectiveness

Probax automation and intelligence reduced the time spent on backup maintenance and fixes

Proven Recovery

Automated recoverability testing of every backup, with email reporting, provided the Winthrop Australia team and their customers with the needed peace of mind

Lower Costs

Highly competitive data protection solutions with bundled Veeam licensing meant Winthrop Australia could offer a cost-effective and highly scalable backup platform

The Results

For Anittel, becoming a Probax channel partner has resulted in:

True Flexibility

Probax’s flexible pooled-storage model allows Winthrop Australia to scale client quotas across data centres worldwide – with the added benefit of advantageous pricing that increases net margin for existing customers as new customers are brought onto the platform

Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Highly competitive pricing combined with inbuilt automation and intelligence has helped lower operational costs and freed up resources to provide innovative, value-added services to their customers

Modern and Reliable Backup Architecture

Highly available and redundant cloud infrastructure combined with Veeam’s modern backup technology means customers have the most reliable and straightforward solution on the market

Industry-Leading Support

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) 2.8x the industry average, Probax ensures partners like Winthrop Australia can deliver exceptional service levels to their customers