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Comvision Australia develops innovative IT solutions while reducing overhead costs

"With Probax, we can easily scale to 500 more clients without a problem. Data protection is a lot simpler with Probax and we make a great return on it. There’s no worrying about hardware maintenance or other costs. Where previously if a client needed 21 years of backup for insurance and compliance requirements, it would have been difficult to meet those needs, but with Probax it’s easy.”

- Ryan McAleer
Operations Manager, Comvision Australia
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Comvision Australia

Comvision Australia is an IT Managed Services Provider offering support and IT management services for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs) throughout Australia. Founded in 2004, Comvision provides a range of proactive IT managed solutions and services that are customised to the needs of businesses across a variety of sectors, including healthcare, security, defence, and more.
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Professional IT Management Services, Disaster Recovery, Network Upgrades and Project Management, Cloud Computing Solutions

The Business Challenge

For the last 18 years, Comvision has provided businesses with leading IT solutions tailored to their clients’ unique requirements. Working with businesses ranging from 5 users to 500 users, Comvision transformed their client operations by streamlining their IT environments.

However, as Comvision grew it became apparent that hosting all client data themselves may not represent a scalable solution for their business growth in the long term.

As Comvision continued to scale, a different data protection storage solution was needed for providing disaster recovery and backup services.
To solve this challenge, they knew they needed to either invest significantly in costly hardware upgrades for their own hosting or find the right backup and disaster recovery solution that met their distinct needs.

While assessing their options, they found plenty of different solutions in market, but not all were viable against Comvision’s criteria. Many were using antiquated technology, were too cost prohibitive, had known customer service issues, or weren’t able to meet the required compliance protocols.

Key criteria Comvision Australia needed met by the right data protection provider

Data Sovereignty

The right solution needed to be in Australia, offer cloud backup, and was compliant with the latest cybersecurity regulations.

Competitive Price Point

To keep end-user pricing consistent and competitive, the right solution needed to be cost-effective.

Local Customer Support

Having encountered inferior international customer service in the past, they needed a local solution which offered customer service excellence.


The right solution needed to be able to support Comvision to streamline and automate a range of client services.
Probax Solution - Comvision

The Probax Solution

Comvision appointed Probax as a result of their ability to not only meet the selection criteria, but also to exceed them.

Since partnering with Probax in 2020, Comvision has found the perfect backup solutions for their business needs in both the short term and long term.

Towards the end of 2020, Comvision started working with Probax for their backup solutions. Throughout the changeover, Probax’s support team worked closely with the Comvision team to resolve any challenges, answer any questions and to ensure everything operated smoothly. In fact, with the help of Probax, everything was up and running in just three months.

As Ryan McAleer said, “Probax’s absolute willingness and excitement for data protection sets them apart. They're on the same page as us. We sometimes have unique client requirements and the Probax team has always shown a willingness to work with us on those."

By deploying Probax data protection services and solutions, Comvision unlocked extensive benefits

Data Sovereignty

As cybersecurity needs evolve, IT solutions need to as well. Probax is located in Australia and has cloud backup which makes it much easier to meet any data sovereignty requirements. All client data is safely and reliably stored in Australia.


A significant benefit of partnering with Probax has been unlocking the ability to scale easily. Where there were limitations on how much data could be stored previously, Probax has removed those limitations with scaleability. Comvision’s growth is no longer impeded by hardware considerations.


Given Probax’s competitive pricing structure, it was a top choice for Comvision. They already had clients on specific pricing models, so they needed to make sure their data protection services could remain profitable. With Probax’s competitive pricing, not only was Comvision able to reduce their own overhead costs, they were able to pass some of the savings on to their clients as well.

Local Support

Unlike other data protection solutions, Probax’s support team is local. That means for its Channel Partners located in Australia, the support team is local. The same goes for its US-based Channel Partners where Probax has a support team in place as well. This makes communication easier and more reliable as someone is on hand to help address any concerns and find a solution immediately because time zones aren’t an issue. The added benefit of having multiple support teams across time zones is that support is 24/7 if required. Probax is always there for you, no matter what time of day.

The Results

For Comvision Australia, becoming a Probax channel partner has resulted in: 

Reduce operational expenses significantly

Cost reductions are realised both for Comvision itself as well as for their managed clients as well.

Gain professional customer support

Helpful support is provided from both the technical support team and accounts manager at Probax.

Focus on improving their offering

As cybersecurity laws change, Comvision can work together with Probax to ensure their clients’ IT solutions are following the relevant regulations.

Expand into compliance-laden industries

Comvision is enabled to now bring on new clients which had major legislative and regulatory compliance requirements without worrying about the logistics and increase in costs.

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