Data Sovereignty Policy


Probax will comply with data sovereignty requests where we maintain a presence in the requested country. For some Services, Customers may specify that their clients' data be stored in a specific country (Australia, USA and Canada). For these Services, Probax agrees that the client data will remain in the specified location and not be moved or copied to any other location, either nationally or internationally, without the Customer’s written consent.
The Customer acknowledges that Probax uses third party sub-processors to provide data protection services, and to help provide customer support and client communications (notifications). Where Probax authorizes any sub-processors, Probax will restrict the sub-processor’s access to only what is necessary to maintain and deliver the services to the Customer and its Clients (End Users). We cannot guarantee the Service usage information and related meta data is not stored by our upstream communication providers and/or sub-processors in non-Australian locations. A complete list of current sub-processors used by Probax can be found at
If unsure, please contact your account manager to confirm compliance before using Probax Services.