Success Story

Empowering one of Australia’s premier MSPs with effective and affordable cloud data protection

"We appreciate how agile and flexible the Probax team is and how their approach mirrors how eNerds™ operates. We’ve moved our backup licensing to Probax because cost is the key driver for our clients. We’re experiencing aggregated savings and are incentivised to sell more. Probax ticked every box for us."

- Tristan Warner
CTO and Co-founder, eNerds


eNerds™ is one of Australia’s premier IT managed service providers. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, the company has been a finalist and winner in the ARN ICT Industry Awards from 2009 to 2018, winning SMB Partner of the Year four years in a row. eNerds™ was ranked in the Top 10 IT Providers in Australia by MSPmentor in 2017.
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Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Australia
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Managed Service Provider
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IT Support, Consulting, Cloud Services, Internet, Microsoft Solutions, Procurement

The Business Challenge

Data protection has always been one of the core services eNerds™ has delivered for its SMB clients.

For years, eNerds™ was reliant on backing up clients’ vital business data to tape, but as data volumes increased, so did the time-frames for backup and restoration, and reliability was also an issue. As tape solutions grew unviable, the business made a strategic shift to block-level image backup.

With the emergence of cloud and an ever-greater expectation of business availability from customers, the eNerds™ team required a solution that could replicate and store backups offsite, delivering customers with shorter Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs). Cost was also a key driver.

The eNerds™ team needed reliable replication of customers’ onsite backups to a secure and local cloud repository, at a price-point their customers could afford.

Key Challenges Experienced

High cost of cloud services

Existing cloud data protection solutions were expensive and hidden fees made the overall cost unpredictable

Transfer of data

Backing up full images to offsite locations was often challenging or impractical

Increased customer expectations

Customers were demanding more from their backup and recovery offering

Security risks and cyber threats

A rise in the risk of malware and cyber threats required multiple layers of security and data redundancy
Probax Solution - eNerds

The Probax Solution

Having seen an increasing amount of new clients already using or in the process of moving to Veeam, eNerds™ came to appreciate the solution for its ability to protect virtual environments and the strength of Probax’s Veeam Cloud Connect integration.

Using a combination of Backup as a Service (BaaS) and Archive as a Service (AaaS) solutions, eNerds™ were able to achieve Hyper-Availability for all virtual, physical and cloud-based workloads - all from a single management console - Probax Hive.

The ability of Probax to simplify cloud backups and consolidate a number of solutions into a single-pane-of-glass dashboard allowed eNerds™ to manage and administer backups, and self-provision Veeam licences, creating greater efficiencies of scale for the team.

By leveraging the Probax platform, eNerds unlocked extensive benefits

Simplified Management

Management of all data-protection solutions from Probax’s multi-tenant platform Hive

Proven recovery

Automatic recoverability testing of every backup, with email reporting

Increased effectiveness

Probax automation and intelligence reduces time spent on maintenance and fixes

Lower costs

Highly competitive cloud data protection solutions and licensing

The Results

For eNerds, becoming a Probax channel partner has resulted in:

True Flexibility

Probax’s flexible pooled-storage model, allows eNerds™ to scale client quotas as needed across data centres worldwide.

Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Highly competitive pricing combined with inbuilt automation and intelligence has helped lower operational costs.

Modern and Reliable Backup Architecture

Highly available and redundant cloud infrastructure combined with Veeam’s modern backup technology means customers have the most simple and reliable solution on the market.

Industry-Leading Support

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) 2.8x the industry average, Probax is keeping customers like eNerds™ satisfied.