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How Innovative Solutions transformed their data protection offering with Probax, while saving on operating costs

“When we were setting up one of the largest implementations that we ever had with a medical company, we weren’t on our own. The Probax team worked with us every step of the way. Probax tech support was contacting us every morning to double-check how the implementation was going. They weren’t just answering tickets, they were involved in ensuring the entire client implementation was a success. Now that is a strategic data protection partner.”

- Rich Wilder
Lead Architect – IT Systems, Innovative Solutions
Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

Headquartered in Rochester, New York, for over 32 years, Innovative Solutions supports businesses to leverage the power of the cloud to drive business growth. Innovative is a nationally-recognized AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Microsoft Gold Partner that specializes in cloud consulting, cloud migrations and cloud-native development to help clients become strategic with their IT investments, expand into new markets, reduce financial costs, and reach their desired business objectives.
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The Business Challenge

As a result of a unique value proposition and differentiated service delivery model, Innovative Solutions has been growing rapidly. As a result, Innovative’s infrastructure needs and support requirements evolved and expanded to maintain the customer service excellence they are known for.

A strategic review identified that Innovative had outgrown its data protection provider at that time. Firstly, they started a process of understanding what different data protection solutions and options were on the market. Being part of the Veeam ecosystem, they reached out to Veeam for recommendations as well and received a list of the very best Veeam Cloud & Service Providers (VCSPs).

Key criteria Innovative's new data protection provider needed to meet

Veeam Cloud Connect offering

Since Innovative was already entrenched with the market leader Veeam, they needed a provider that was not only capable of integrating with their existing infrastructure, but can also support scalable growth.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

With DRaaS being essential for business continuity, they needed a provider that could help them ensure their client needs were met and exceeded throughout implementation and testing, while providing fast RPOs and RTOs.

Based in the US and understands local compliance requirements

Since New York State compliance requirements are specific, they needed a provider that was familiar with how to navigate state-based legislative and regulatory requirements. They also wanted a partnership with a local company based in the US.

Seamless cultural fit

The Innovative team is renowned for its values-led culture that focuses on empowering its people and leads to a 99.7% client retention rate. It was critical that their data protection partner would be a seamless cultural fit.
Probax Solution - Innovative v3

The Probax Solution

After a period of market research and interviewing prospective providers, Innovative appointed Probax in 2021 as their data protection solutions provider to meet growing customer demand while providing scalability now and into the future.

“From the start of the partnership, it was clear Probax met all our technical criteria and they also had the most responsive and qualified teams. Working with Probax’s leadership team was seamless and there was a clear cultural fit, making contract negotiation easy and efficient.”—Michael Faiola, VP of IT

Probax’s data protection solutions met and exceeded all Innovative’s needs—as well as those of their clients.

Probax unlocked extensive benefits for Innovative Solution

Competitive pricing structure

With Probax, the cost-effective pricing model enabled Innovative to reduce costs right away and were able to pass those savings on to their clients. As Sean Magin, Dir. IT Services Sales, said, “We’ve been able to save money for our customers. From a sales standpoint, price is not usually what we lead with, but in this instance, the reduction is such a great value-add since we can say we’re saving money for our clients with a solid data protection product.”

Easy implementation

With the help of Probax’s support team, Innovative could ensure their clients’ IT infrastructure and cloud services running smoothly and efficiently. With Probax’s data protection software platform Hive, Innovative was able to provision new accounts, spin up resources quickly, and show customers that their Disaster Recovery plan was working and immediately in case of any accidental or environmental incidents.

Improved client relations

With Veeam Cloud Connect and DRaaS easily managed with Hive, Innovative was able to validate the efficient offering and demonstrably prove the benefits to their clients as well. In Michael Faiola’s words, “Our customers are happy with the data protection solutions and this clearly supports our unwavering commitment to our clients. Any time there are challenges, they’re almost immediately resolved by Probax’s support team. We talk with the same two or three techs, so we’ve built a strong rapport and they deeply understand Innovative’s offering now.”

Diverse offerings

As Innovative expands its service catalogue and takes more services to market, Probax has become a strategic partner with a breadth of data protection solutions offerings that can support strategic growth. Innovative has confidence knowing they can rely on additional service offerings such Probax’s cold storage Archive-as-a-Service solution or Microsoft Office 365 Backup & Archive solution. These offerings can support Innovative to accelerate new revenue streams going forward.

24/7 customer support

Because Probax has multiple offices globally, Innovative receives 24/7 technical support. They are supported locally by Probax’s New York office and US team, or after-hours by Probax’s team in Australia. During implementation and transition to Probax, the Innovative team found they receiving support no matter what time, day or night. Whether it was US or the Australian support, they’re getting the same 5-star support from Probax around the clock.

Single pane of glass data protection

Hive has transformed how Innovative deliver data protection and DRaaS. With Hive as a single pane of glass data protection platform, Innovative is able to scale service delivery. Michael said: “Hive has provided us with much better functionality than other Veeam service providers' portals we’ve experienced in the past. Hive is the one place we can go to get all the information we need.”

The Results

Since partnering with Probax in 2021, Innovative has now achieved significant results.

Centralized Data Protection

With Hive, everyone from the sales team to the engineers can easily access the information they need when they need it.

Lower Costs

For some clients, they’ve even been able to pass along the savings and cut down on costs by up to 50% for large enterprises. It also makes sending quotes and calculating pricing easier and faster for their team, while shortening sales cycles.

Reliable Recovery

When bringing on new clients, Innovative can readily show them everything is running the way it should be in the testing phases.

Strong Positioning

By going to market with such highly regarded and accredited partners like Probax and Veeam, it’s easier for their sales team to position their service to the customer knowing it’s a service that will work for them.