Introducing MSP Backup Webinar

Here's Probax COO Sam Meegahage presenting our recent webinar "Introducing MSP Backup" where he shows how MSP Backup is a backup management platform that delivers best-in-class data protection, made effortless for MSPs. 

Discover how your MSP can safeguard physical, virtual, public cloud and Microsoft 365 with total visibility, complete granular control and backup automation unlike you've seen before. 

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Good morning, everyone, and welcome to today's webinar. Today, we're gonna be talking about Probax MSP Backup, the number one backup management platform for MSPs using Veeam.

My name is Sam Meegahage and I am the Chief Operating Officer at Probax.

So let's get into it. So to start off with we'll have a quick introduction about Probax for those of you that are on the webinar that haven't heard us before, I'll take you through very briefly where we've come from and what we're doing today.

We'll then take a look at the snapshot of the data protection landscape and the three main challenges that MSPs face with data protection. And then we'll look at the platform itself, Probax MSP Backup, and see how that enables MSPs to overcome those challenges.

And lastly, we'll take questions from those that are attending live today. So for those that don't know, Probax, we've been around for many years. We started out as a MSP back in 2005. And shortly after, we pivoted to a data protection action service provider. back in the early 2000s.

We saw the opportunity for off-site, data protection, and hence, we pivoted to a cloud service provider.

Over the years we did some pretty cool things around making our platform integrate with Veeam. We started to innovate and deliver a lot of automation around the Veeam stack in two thousand and fourteen, we commenced our partnership with Wasabi in North America.

We saw the advantages from a cost perspective, from a performance perspective, and we began to slowly integrate Wasabi into our offerings as a being cloud service provider.

In 2017, we won the inaugural Innovation Award, for the automation that we delivered around Veeam. And over the next few years, we expanded into North America and we grew our partner base significantly. So Probax is a channel-only business. So we don't deal directly with end users. We're purely managed service provider-focused.

In 2021 we continued to dominate the VCSP arena at Veeam and we became a platinum VCSP.

We took out the Partner of the Year in Australia, and we also became one of the first VCSPs to be certified or VCSP Reseller Ready Approved in all four categories.

In 2023 after our recent success in VeeamOn Miami, where we earned our second Global Innovation Award for our latest round of automation technology for Veeam.

We decided to reinforce our commitment to continuous innovation and with the 18+ years of experience, our proprietary software, our technology continues to today, continues to remain as a key differentiator in the market.

So with the validation and the recognition by Veeam and other leading VCSPs who we've licensed our automation technology to, we decided to double down on our innovation technology by pivoting to a dedicated software-as-a-service VCSP, letting go of our self-hosted infrastructure and our professional services offerings.

So as part of our relaunch strategy as a pure SaaS-based VCSP, we're focused on challenging Datto and Kaseya's dominance in the SMB-focused MSP space.

So we've been collaborating with Veem and Wasabi, and together, we've created Probax MSP Backup and MSP Backup for M365 is a standalone offering which essentially is a Reseller Ready or Partner-to-Partner offering combining Probax's automation technology with Veeam's enterprise grade capabilities and the cost efficiency of Wasabi hot cloud storage.

And last week, we proudly launched these two products to the market.

So let's start today's session by diving into the dynamic world of data protection and exploring the trends that are shaping the landscape for MSPs and, of course, their end customers.

The first one shouldn't be a surprise at all. Cybersecurity sophistication. So the increase in sophistication of Cybersecurity threats.

As technology advances, so do the tactics of cybercriminals. We're witnessing a surge in sophisticated cyberattacks that pose a considerable challenge to the security of, our digital assets and the assets of our end customers.

Now these threats are not only more complex, but they're also constantly evolving, making it crucial for MSPs and businesses alike to stay ahead of the curve in implementing robust cybersecurity measures.

The second trend is around the global data privacy regulations. So the impact of these regulations at a global perspective regulations like GDPR and the Notifiable Data Breach Scheme in Australia, the legal landscape around data protection is obviously evolving quite rapidly. And compliance is no longer a choice, but a necessity.

And MSPs really need to guide their clients through the complexities of these regulations. And this trend really emphasizes the needful proactive and comprehensive approach to data protection that not only meets regulatory requirements, but also builds trust with the end customers who themselves need to navigate through all this regulation and complexity as well.

Thirdly, remote work dynamics. So this trend explores the significant shift to remote work and its implications for data protection. So through COVID the decentralization of workforce introduces new challenges in securing sensitive data, employees accessing data from various locations, really look to MSPs to help them adapt and implement strategies to safeguard the information in the distributed work environment.

Now this trend underlines the importance of flexible and adaptive security measures that can protect data regardless of where it's accessed or stored.

And lastly let's discuss the trend of Increasing reliance on cloud services. as businesses embrace cloud technologies for scalability, for efficiency, the responsibility for securing data extends beyond the traditional on-premise boundaries.

MSPs play crucial role in, in helping their customers navigate this transition securely by implementing strategies that protect data both on premises and in the cloud.

So in conclusion, these four trends help paint a picture of the data protection landscape and illustrates how dynamic, challenging, but also filled with many opportunities for those MSPs who want to innovate and really lead their customers through these challenges.

And again, building trust with the end user customers is a key by-product of this whole process. So by understanding and addressing these trends, MSPs and their end customers can build a resilient defense against evolving threats to their data. So with those trends in mind, let's look at the three main challenges MSPs face today with data protection.

Obviously the biggest one is ransomware. And I'm sure we've all heard the saying, it's not a matter of if, but when, And this rings particularly true in the world of cybersecurity today.

According to Veeam's ransomware protection trends report, a staggering 85% of respondents experienced a ransomware attack within a 12-month period. And that's a pretty alarming statistic that really underscores the threat we all must confront.

And what's even more concerning is that the aftermath of these attacks is quite significant. The report itself reveals an average recovery time of three point four weeks. Now just imagine the impact on businesses, especially the small and medium-sized businesses that often rely on basic or legacy backup solutions.

This prolonged downtime is a nearly insurmountable challenge that we as MSPs must really address head on.

Moving on. So complexity and unnecessary operational costs. So in the MSP landscape, we frequently encounter solutions that frankly are designed for larger enterprise. They're great solutions, but they're not tailored for the SMB market.

And these solutions bring with them a host of issues for MSPs, including unnecessary complexity and unnecessary operational costs.

They might be inflexible, technically intricate, and to put it plainly, quite expensive. Moreover, they often hinder the seamless movement of data, preventing the kind of data mobility that is essential in today's dynamic business environment.

Now according to industry observations, many of these backup vendors seem tailored exclusively for enterprise size clients leaving MSPs with a mismatch for their varied client base. Now this this misalignment introduces complexities that can hinder operational efficiency and consequently Impact revenue streams for MSPs.

So the key question becomes how do we liberate MSPs from this burden of complexity and high operational costs. It's not just about cost cutting. It's about Maximizing revenue potential by streamlining operations.

And lastly the last challenge is rigid contracts and stagnant solutions. So we often encounter the seductive allure of vendors promising the right solution only to find out that these solutions fall short when it comes to addressing the dynamic needs of today's data protection landscape.

Many vendors offer solutions that are outdated, lacking the innovation and the cutting-edge technology that's really needed to safeguard data against these modern threats that we've discussed. And in an era where data stands as the foundational pillar of business, its protection demands not just an intelligent strategy, but really a commitment to constant advancement and innovation.

However, a significant number of MSPs find themselves entangled in rigid, long-term contracts, which really act as a barrier to adapting and adopting more modern and sophisticated solutions.

And these limitations underscore the critical need for MSPs to identify and partner with vendors who prioritize continuous innovation, software-focused solutions, automation, consistent testing and data immutability.

So let's talk about our latest platform, Probax MSP Backup, built in collaboration with Veeam and Wasabi.

Consider MSP Backup to be the easy button for MSPs who wish to use Veeam. Our automation technology streamlines the entire process, handling the deployment, licensing, and configuration of Veeam Software.

At the same time, it takes care of everything involved in creating and managing Wasabi storage.

MSPs can now safeguard their clients' workloads either physical, virtual, public cloud, or Microsoft 365 workloads with Probax, Veeam, and Wasabi, all without the need for in-depth knowledge or expertise in these products.

What's more, this is all orchestrated through a unified multi-tenant management platform providing incredible simplicity and efficiency for MSPs.

Our comprehensive MSP backup suite offers Backup-as-a-Service protection for a diverse range of environments, including physical, virtual, public cloud, and Microsoft 365 workloads.

And this solution is seamlessly integrated into an intuitive and highly automated multi-tenant management platform.

One standout feature of our product lies in its flexibility. Existing Veeam and Wasabi partners can leverage their own pre-established agreements with both Veeam and Wasabi by connecting them with MSP Backup.

Now this facilitates the provisioning of new Veeam licenses and Wasabi hot cloud storage within the framework of their pre-established agreements with them and Wasabi.

And with this level of flexibility, we've launched four variations or four SKUs for MSP Backup. Our All-in-One plan, where we provide everything needed, for the MSP. So we provide the platform, we provide the Veeam licensing, and we provide the Wasabi storage.

Next there's a Bring-Your-Own SKU, where we provide the platform only, and the MSP utilizes their pre-established agreements with Veeam and Wasabi, connecting them quite easily within the platform itself.

Bring-Your-Own Veeam where we provide the platform and the Wasabi storage, and the MSP utilizes their own Veeam licensing. This SKU has been built for those MSPs that are already working with Veeam, but maybe not Wasabi.

And lastly Bring-Your-Own Wasabi where we provide the platform and the Veeam licensing, and the MSP utilizes their own Wasabi storage. Again, this SKU is being catered to those MSPs who are already working with Wasabi but yet to engage and utilize.

Now, each of these plans are packaged into your tshirt size SKUs to accommodate MSPs of all sizes. So small, medium, large, extra large. Regardless of how big or small your MSP is, there is a plan type that fits your needs.

And lastly, we're also offering MSP backup for Microsoft three six five as a standalone offering for those MSPs who already have a solution for Backup-as-a-Service that they're happy with, and they're purely looking for a turnkey 365 solution, to protect Microsoft three six five data, you can also buy that SKU as a standalone offering.

So we've also launched MSP Backup for Microsoft 365 as a standalone offering. But, again, we've introduced some standout features that provide further differentiation to what's out there in the market today.

Our M365 protection, both as part of MSP Backup, the full suite, as well as the standalone offerings that we offer include ransomware protection with end-to-end encryption and immutability, as well as my favorite, the automated health verification where we counteract data loss with automated recovery testing for every backup point created on the platform.

As I mentioned previously, we've launched our full suite MSP Backup in four variations to provide enhanced flexibility and value to existing Veeam and or Wasabi partners.

You can see our full suite of MSP Backup plans on the left here on this slide.

And as I said before, they all offer backups of service protection for physical, virtual, and public cloud workloads. Microsoft 365 protection is included as standard as an optional extra across all MSP Backup plans, and they're charged out at our standard per user rates.

We offer two different plans for M365 protection. There's Essentials, which is really for the budget-conscious end customer.

And that plan offers one backup per day, one-year retention, a self-service portal, and obviously your choice of where you want that data stored.

For those partners who wish to leverage multiple backups per day, unlimited retention as well as the enhanced ransomware protection and the automated health verification capabilities that I discussed earlier, we've launched the Professional plan.

Now the key thing here is with both of these plans, you don't have to pick one for all your customers. You can pick one per end customer. So you may have a very budget-conscious end customer that the Essentials plan will be perfectly fine for, but then you might have another customer who really wants that high-end protection, that ransomware protection.

They want that guarantee that their data is recoverable at any time, And that's where our automated health verification comes in. And for those end customers, you'd wanna move on to the Professional plan.

As I mentioned before, each of these plans, they're packaged into tshirt size SKUs to accommodate MSPs of all sizes.

So just to wrap up today's webinar, as well as summarize the platform itself, what MSP is getting through the platform is simplified and automated deployment of Veeam software.

So MSPs can now deploy, license, configure Veeam all without touching Veeam Software. what's even better is our technology allows MSPs to scan their client environments and identify new workloads that pop up that are unprotected.

And once those appear in the platform, Backup-as-a-Service protection can be deployed within two clicks. And again, this is all about making it super simple highly effective and reducing costs for MSPs. They get total visibility and granular control all through a multitenant platform.

It's highly scalable with savvy at the backend, In many locations around the world, growing your data and being able to scale your data is not a problem. Our automation delivers proactive issue management so MSPs can know about issues before they become critical.

We also have automation behind the scenes that We'll try and repair known issues automatically without any intervention from the MSP. Now if our automation technology cannot fix those errors, they'll appear as alerts for the MSP to action themselves. We provide a large range of SKUs that tailor to MSP size as well as any existing relationships they have with Veeam and Wasabi.

And, lastly, we provide a very intuitive interface with end user self-service capabilities. so to wrap up today's webinar for those that are interested in trialling MSP Backup, head over to

You'll see a try now button. Simply click on that. You will need to enter in your MSP name and your email address. And from there you'll get full access to all the technology that we've outlined today free for 14 days.

If this sounds interesting to you, if this sounds like a platform that your MSP needs to just make it easy to use Veeam and Wasabi and to also reduce any sort of operational complexity and costs increase revenue, then please head over to our website and give it a go.

And that's it for today's webinar. At this point, we'll answer any questions that have popped up in the chat.

Alright. That's the last of our questions, I think. Again, if anyone has any further questions, just head on to our website There's a ton of information there. You can also create a 14-day trial.

Feel free to reach out to the Probax team at

If you have any any questions or just wanna talk to someone, we're here to help. Thank you very much. Have a good day.

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