Reliable DRaaS for Microsoft Hyper-V
Backup and Disaster Recovery

Reliable Hyper-V Backup and Disaster Recovery for MSPs

Disasters can affect your MSP clients unexpectedly and the best way to keep their businesses running is a reliable backup and restore solution.

Powered by Veeam, DRaaS for Hyper-V backup and disaster recovery solution provides flexible and quick Hyper-V VM backup and restore functionalities that enable you to recover what you need on demand. 

Enable your clients to meet their Microsoft Hyper-V recovery objectives, from individual file recovery all the way to full VM disaster recovery. Automate transferring backups to off-site locations with accelerated replication and always be ready for DR.

Keep your MSP clients' applications available 24/7 and eliminate disruption

With DRaaS for Microsoft Hyper-V powered by Veeam, you can restore your clients' mission-critical virtual environments to Probax with fast partial or complete failover in time of a disaster without having to deal with the complicated Windows Server Backup procedures.

With little impact on production and an RTPO of less than 15 minutes, no disaster is capable of affecting your clients’ service availability.

Leverage application-consistent backups

DRaaS for Microsoft Hyper-V powered by Veeam provides protection without compromising recovery flexibility for your applications.

With image-level, single-pass backup of VSS-aware applications, you’ll be able to consistently recover your applications with application-aware processing.

Get your MSP clients back online quickly with an instant recovery engine

With DRaaS for Microsoft Hyper-V powered by Veeam, enjoy flexible recovery methods that make even the largest recoveries faster than ever.

Backup Hyper-V VMs and leverage full and multi-VM recovery options, all from a single-pass, image-level backup.

Your production site is untouched with backup-sourced replication

Keep your Hyper-V virtual machine I/O operations running smoothly by using your Hyper-V VM backup copies as replication sources. Maximize speed on fast and slow links using the integrated WAN acceleration feature.

Minimize the Hyper-V backup footprint and boost speed

Protect only what has changed since your last VM backup to reduce the Hyper-V VM backup footprint and increase speed. Using advanced Block Tracking technology, your incremental replicas are more efficient with Second Colony DRaaS. And if you want to further optimize the process, keep swap data exclusion and compression enabled.

Manage your data protection services in one place

With DRaaS for Microsoft Hyper-V powered by Veeam, you get full control over all of your services, with management, activation, and monitoring, all on a single pane of glass.

Easily overcome your data protection challenges and manage your MSP clients in one place. Minimize administrative work by running jobs in a chain and integrating third-party solutions with the included APIs.

Protect all your MSP clients’ Hyper-V VMs with adjustable VM backup and replication policies and schedule backups in advance using your calendar dashboard.

Deploy your Hyper-V backup and replication solution, minus the associated overhead

For MSPs, developing and launching a new backup and replication product to market can be resource intensive.

Probax takes the dull, time-consuming tasks off your plate with Managed Data Protection Services that let you focus on your business as we handle them with a fully managed backup and replication solution.

Our flexible plans cater to MSPs of all sizes that need to outsource backup and replication to Probax.

Implement a
 3-2-1-1-0 VM backup strategy

With DRaaS for Microsoft Hyper-V powered by Veeam, you’ll be able to implement a 3-2-1-1-0 backup strategy with various offsite backups over LAN and backup media types, in addition to direct MS Azure and Wasabi cloud storage offsite copies and WAN to offsite servers. 

Keep three copies of data, stored on two different media, one of which is located off-site and one of these is offline or in the cloud and the entire backup should have zero errors.

Achieve this and you’ve adopted the robust 3-2-1-1-0 Golden Backup Rule for your MSP clients’ Hyper-V VMs.

Build an agile disaster recovery plan

Quickly fail over to the latest restore point or one of the earlier restore points even if the production VM shuts down. By creating a full replica and multiple restore points for all replicated VMs, Veeam Backup & Replication eliminates the outdated single point-of-recovery approach.

Hassle-free universal licensing that lets you focus on what matters

Our Veeam products are licensed with one, per-workload Veeam universal license that you can get via perpetual or on a subscription basis. 

Being a future-proof, portable, and transferable license that offers data protection for on-premises and multi-cloud environments, you can conveniently move it across Azure, Windows, AWS, Linux, and more! Forget about lock-ins, cloud tax, and high TCOs.

Take a DRaaS solution to market without the footprint

It's time-consuming for MSPs to develop and launch a new DRaaS offering to market.

Probax can remove the hassle and upfront costs with Managed Data Protection Services. By outsourcing DRaaS to Probax, you can focus on growing your business while we handle the mundane tasks with the necessary expertise and a fully managed DRaaS solution.

Our service plans ensure flexibility and choice to suit any sized MSP.

Discover what affordable managed data protection can achieve for your MSP.


DRaaS for Microsoft Hyper-V Frequently Asked Questions

How do I back up Hyper-V?

To create a hyper-V backup, providing protection, at least at the host level, is essential to capture all Hyper-V virtual machines. This includes their data, configuration, and storage.

Specialized software, such as DRaaS for Microsoft Hyper-V powered by Veeam, can make this process easier and well-coordinated. It's capable of preparing the Hyper-V environment for backup by communicating with Microsoft VSS.

The biggest advantage here is that you'll ensure consistent VM backups that capture all essential data. This also lets you choose the ideal recovery option that matches your recovery requirements and objectives. Here's how the process goes in more detail:

  • Hive requests VMs and virtualization information from Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Hive communicates with Microsoft Hyper-V VSS to request a new point-in-time copy of a VM for backup purposes. Based on the hypervisor version, Microsoft Hyper-V VSS responds with a VM checkpoint or volume snapshot.
  • Hive utilizes Changed Block Tracking (CBT) to get the data blocks that were modified after the previous job session. This helps make your Hyper-V backups easier to manage and organize.
  • Once the backup proxy reads all VM data, Hive sends a signal to Microsoft Hyper-V VSS to conduct some cleanup work.

What types of VM backups does Hyper-V offer?

Hyper-V offers the following backups:

  • Host-level backup: This type of virtual machine backup is best suited for dynamic Hyper-V backups. By providing host-level protection, you'll be able to protect the foundational configuration of your Hyper-V environment, which includes the whole virtual infrastructure and all VMs and virtual disks. This method provides dynamic protection or skipping for the VMs when they're added to or removed from.
  • Online backup: An online Hyper-V backup lets you backup workloads without having to make your application unavailable and disrupt your processes. With Microsoft VSS, you only need to pause your application until a snapshot is created. Then, VSS will trigger an automated cleanup and long flush process.
  • Guest-level backup: Performing a guest-level backup requires more work as it involves keeping each separate Hyper-V VM opened and protected. That's why it's not a favorable choice, especially when compared to dynamic host-level backups. You may or may not need to create guest-level backups depending on your backup solution's capability.

How do I recover my Hyper-V VM backup in case of a disaster?

Since Hyper-V disaster recovery plans make creating a backup and replica of the same VM for HA and DR purposes mandatory, the virtual infrastructure becomes overloaded. This also means extra work for your production site since you'll need two independent VM snapshots and move data from the original site twice.

DRaaS for Microsoft Hyper-V powered by Veeam uses a flexible on-site or remote recovery method and a replica from the backup storage to take some of the work off the production environment.

It also keeps the impact on production at a minimum by using an existing backup in the backup repository as a data source instead of reading VM data from hosts and storage in the production environment.

In a failover event, DRaaS for Microsoft Hyper-V powered by Veeam lets you recover your VM in a matter of seconds by recovering the VM replica to the required restore point and moving all I/O processes from the original VM to its replica.

What is Hyper-V replication?

Hyper-V replication lets you create Hyper-V VM replicas that you can use to recover data in case of disasters. Some of the benefits include:

  • Short recovery time objective (RTO) values: Using an exact copy of your VM, Hyper-V replication makes it possible to recover your VM quickly.
  • Veeam Backup & Replication makes an exact copy of the VM and syncs it with the original VM. The copy is created in its native Microsoft Hyper-V format anytime you replicate a Hyper-V VM.
  • Conduct off-site replication for disaster recovery (DR) situations and on-site Hyper-V replication for High Availability (HA) scenarios. Even if you have a slow connection or use WAN, Veeam Backup & Replication ensures consistent replication by speeding up data movement and optimizing traffic transmission.

Can I back up MS Exchange or SQL VMs?

Yes, you can back up VMs that are SQL or MS Exchange with the Veeam Backup & Replication solution.

All you have to do is deploy the required VM tools to the VM using HIVE. It's also worth noting that Hyper-V VMs will conduct this by default without requiring an agent on the guest VM.

Can I test my backups to make sure they're 100% restorable?

Yes, with the on-demand DataLabs Sandbox, you can run test recovery procedures to ensure that your backups are fully restorable. You can either execute a full restore and boot up the VM or verify the backup folder without adding your VM to the VM Manager.

It's also worth noting that the tests are conducted in an isolated environment that won't impact your live VMs.