Powernet IT Solutions
Success Story

How Powernet evolved their data protection offering with Probax, while keeping costs under control

“With Probax and Veeam, it’s the peace of mind that we have the offsite storage somewhere away from our clients' main form of media and the compliance is sorted. With Hive's ease of use, it's been a natural progression to deploy more Probax services powered by Veeam. It makes onboarding new engineers much easier with no learning curve.”

- Adam Hu
Head of Technical Strategy, Powernet IT Solutions

Powernet IT Solutions

Powernet IT Solutions is a leading Managed Service Provider that offers IT support for organisations across Australia. The company was founded in 1994, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. Powernet’s goal is to help businesses in Australia maximise their productivity and IT security with reliable IT solutions that go beyond migrations. The company always seeks strategic partnerships with clients and vendor partners that prioritise productivity and work towards mutual success. Powernet is an award-winning Microsoft Gold partner with over 100 industry certifications. It also holds the ISO9001 Quality Assurance and “Great Place to Work” accreditations.

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The Business Challenge

Powernet had been using an on-site backup storage solution for a number of years. The problem was that there was no off-site storage for that solution. Many of Powernet’s customers were initiating a cloud data protection strategy and wished to eliminate on-premises footprints. Other customers wanted to move to a hybrid model with on-premises solutions and cloud replications, something that Powernet wasn’t able to offer with their current vendor.

Further, there was significant demand for Microsoft 365 backup solutions, given the rapid take-up of SaaS solutions and Microsoft 365 in particular. Powernet offered full-suite backup solutions, but for clients that only wanted Microsoft 365 backups, their only choice was to pay for the full-suite even if it wasn’t required.

Powernet also began to notice an upward trend in demand for fast, scalable, cost-efficient, and less complex object storage solutions and wanted to be able to cater to this market requirement.

Key criteria Powernet's new data protection provider needed to meet

Veeam offsite storage with single-pane-of-glass management

Powernet noticed a shift of demand amongst their customers from on-premises to offsite, 100% cloud-based storage solutions. They needed a trusted partner that was capable of providing reliable offsite and hybrid backup options for their customers. They also needed to protect their clients’ data and manage multiple client environments and workloads with Veeam via a robust data protection platform.

A backup solution for Microsoft 365

With more and more customers requesting a solution that exclusively focuses on Microsoft 365 backups, their all-in-one solutions from their vendor at the time didn’t make sense for many of their customers who were only interested in Microsoft 365 backups.

Meet demand for object storage solutions

Powernet noticed an increasing demand for object storage solutions. They were looking for a partner that can provide these solutions for their customers while keeping everything within Veeam’s ecosystem.

Seamless integration with Veeam

Powernet prefered Veeam because it’s an easy to use solution and a mature technology. They needed a partner that offers seamless integration with Veeam so that the less technical staff members can use it without having to go through a steep learning curve.
Probax Solution - Powernet

The Probax Solution

With a strong partnership already in place, Powernet decided to continue its collaboration with Probax after using the now-displaced on premise solution for years. The decision came largely due to the growing customer demand for off-site and object storage solutions, as well as Microsoft 365 backups.

“We want our Technology Partners to be able to engage with us, let us know what's coming, the roadmaps, to be able to grow with us and work with us. That is exactly what we got from Probax."

- Adam Hu, Head of Technical Strategy, Powernet IT Solutions.

Probax’s partnership enabled Powernet to meet customer needs with secure data storage solutions that scale with their businesses.

Probax unlocked extensive benefits for Powernet

Higher productivity and lower costs

Partnering with Probax enabled Powernet to significantly increase productivity with Veeam’s centralised management portal. Everything could be accessed and managed from a single pane of glass, which also enabled efficient scalability for Powernet’s customers. They also reduced their costs thanks to the cost-effective pricing structure that relies on customised packages.


Powernet’s clients have varying IT and data protection requirements. Probax’s diverse portfolio has enabled Powernet to meet its customer demands and establish long-term relationships with them. The partnership has also initiated talks about implementing other data protection solutions for Powernet’s customers in the future, such as cold storage.

Quick access to cutting edge technology

Powernet can always access the new versions of Veeam and utilise the latest features as soon as they’re available, thanks to Probax’s efficient update deployment system. Many providers maintain older versions of the software solutions for a long time, even if the major vendors have already rolled out multiple updates, but that’s not the case with Probax, where timely updates are guaranteed.

Fast 24/7 customer support

Powernet utilises Probax’s responsive customer support service to solve technical issues even during unusual hours. With both local and overseas support teams, they can rest assured that their support ticket will be handled in no time.

The Results

Since partnering with Probax, Powernet has now achieved significant results.

Centralized data protection

With Hive, everyone from the sales team to the engineers can easily access the information they need when they need it.

Lower costs

Lower costs have been experienced across the board. Sending quotes and calculating pricing is easier and faster than ever for their team, while shortening sales cycles.

Strong positioning

By going to market with such highly regarded and accredited partners like Probax and Veeam, it’s easier for their sales team to position their service to the customer knowing it’s a service that will work for them.

Reliable recovery

When bringing on new clients, the team can readily show how everything is running the way it should be in the testing phases.