Hive Data Protection

Data protection for MSPs is a challenge in this rapidly changing world where data loss and downtime can be catastrophic to businesses.

Data amounts are increasing, while spread out across on premises, hybrid cloud and cloud-based workloads. This adds complexity and cost to MSPs.

Hive transforms how MSPs deliver data protection

Hive is the ultimate data protection software platform for MSPs who are managing multiple client environments and workloads using Veeam, StorageCraft, Microsoft Office 365 and/or Dropbox.

Get total control right down to the granular level across all of your clients while unlocking extensive benefits.

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Centralize and simplify complexity

Hive solves complex data protection challenges with single-pane-of-glass visibility and control. Manage all your MSP clients efficiently in one spot.

Self-provision Veeam licences

Hive transforms how MSPs provision and manage Veeam licenses. It only takes a few button clicks and unique license files are available immediately. Monthly license usage reported is handled automatically – stop manually reporting usage.

Prevent issues before they happen

With intelligent risk algorithms, Hive determines at-risk clients, so that engineering resources can be deployed immediately resolve. Prevent issues in advance, rather than break-fix solving issues after they happen.

Defend with enterprise-grade security

Utilize security groups, air-gapped architecture and MFA to defend your client’s most valuable asset – their data.

Eliminate unnecessary time costs

Hive comes bundled with unmatched intelligence, automation, security, monitoring, and reporting capabilities.

Easily activate, monitor and manage ALL your data protection services

With Hive, you’re in complete control all the time. As your data protection platform, you can activate, monitor and manage all your services from the same place.

Second Colony DRaaS Icon

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Second Colony
Accelerate recovery times and eliminate complexity to ensure applications are running 24/7. VMware and Hyper-V environment supported.
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Honeycomb BaaS Icon

Backup as a Service

Honeycomb Hot Strage
The industry’s most versatile and easy to use cloud storage for reliable BaaS data protection.

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Archive as a Service

Honeycomb Cold Storage
Simple, completely automated, and Veeam award-winning archival solution for long-term data retention.

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Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive Icon

Microsoft Office 365

Backup & Archive
Effortlessly protect client Microsoft 365 data and ensure compliance with total control that is affordable and flexible.
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Dropbox Backup & Archive Icon


Backup & Archive
Protect client Dropbox data with this leading reliable backup, archive and cryptoware recovery solution.
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Veeam Licensing

Fast self-provisioning
Self-provisioning and managing Veeam licenses is easier than ever. Get discounted pricing that’s unbeatable.
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Built-in automation with Scout

Scout is Probax's game-changing proprietary technology, giving your MSP an edge that no other Cloud Service Provider can match.

  • Simplified Veeam Software deployment, licensing and configuration
  • Full insight into client environments, enabling proactive management and visibility of on-premises and cloud protected workloads
  • Automation of common data protection management tasks, greatly improving workforce efficiency and MSP profitability
  • Accurate, automated and transparent Veeam license management


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