Probax Scout | Intelligent Automation for MSPs

Unlock the power of simplified deployment, unparalleled automation and industry-leading data protection management 

Scout is Probax's game-changing proprietary technology, giving your MSP an edge that no other Cloud Service Provider can match.

Superior automation and intelligence in a league of its own

Don't settle for generic solutions. Only Scout can give your MSP the edge you need to succeed.

With our unique technology and innovative approach, you'll eliminate traditional deployment headaches. Your MSP will leverage streamlined efficiency and enhanced user experience if you're using Veeam or Arcserve ShadowProtect.


Automatic site discovery, data capture, analysis, diagnosis and repair

When you unleash Scout, it autonomously detects new workloads in an environment that can be protected in a few clicks.

Scout performs maintenance and self-healing for data protection jobs by overseeing the integrity of image chains (Arcserve ShadowProtect) and autonomously diagnosing and repairing common issues that may arise (Veeam Software Suite and Arcserve ShadowProtect).

Protect what matters most and simplify data protection management

Scout crushes all the time-consuming deployment, configuration and maintenance of data protection. With Scout, data protection as an MSP is easier than ever.
Simplified Veeam Software deployment, licensing and configuration

Full insight into client environments, enabling proactive management and visibility of on-premises and cloud protected workloads
Automation of common data protection management tasks, greatly improving workforce efficiency and MSP profitability
Accurate, automated and transparent Veeam license management

Want to unlock the power of simplified deployment and data protection management?

Discover how Scout can help your MSP achieve its business goals.