Success Story

2,500+ MSPs in Techs+Together leverage Probax and Veeam to accelerate revenue streams

“StoredTech and the Techs+Together MSP community needed a cloud data protection solution that would operate in a hybrid environment, was stable, fast, efficient and was ideally scalable for our growth-focused MSPs. The solution needed to have a cost model that was compatible with the objectives of our MSP community. We also needed a solution that could deliver a dashboard with both macro and granular visibility, not only across business functions, but also across all MSP customers. We’ve found that solution with Probax and Veeam.”
- Mark Shaw
Founder, StoredTech; VP of Technology, Techs+Together


Techs+Together is a community for Managed Service Providers headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina and has over 2,500 members across the US, EMEA and Asia Pacific. Techs+Together helps MSPs grow their business with access to a robust technology buying group, unified true SaaS billing and ongoing education.
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MSP enablement, Group buying, Education solutions, MSP Assist policy management and standardized monitoring

The Business Challenge

Techs+Together was founded as a community that would offer fledgling MSPs with a way to remove hassle and reduce the upfront expense and effort.

The Techs+Together team is passionate about helping its 1,000+ MSP members solve a wide range of problems they usually face, including:

  • Training on software and solutions to deliver better services
  • Navigating the financial challenges, for example how to invest in licenses and offer subscription billing
  • Supporting them with managing relationships with software vendors which require long-term commitments (usually three years plus) which may be onerous for scaling businesses, and
  • Providing them with a resource, who understands what they are going through, to turn to when they need mentoring.

Challenges were experienced with a former data protection and cloud storage vendor. The cloud solution of this other vendor was slow, prone to error and it just didn’t produce value. The poor performance of the other solution forced the team to reappraise their vendor strategy in choosing a cloud data protection partner.

Key Challenges Experienced

Performance challenges

Performance issues were experienced with another data protection vendor which was seen as was, prone to error and not delivering value.

Lack of reliability

The previous solution lacked the availability and stability needed to ensure client data could be readily accessed when needed.


Without a turn-key solution that could protect Microsoft 365 data reliably, too much complexity was experienced.


The data protection solutions did not provide an ability for Techs+Together to scale across 1,000+ MSPs.
Probax Solution - ST TT

The Probax Solution

After making the unanimous decision to adopt Veeam as our sole data protection software going forward, the next part of the challenge to unlock value for the Techs+Together community was to choose the right Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) partner to work with.

Their strict criteria for the right VCSP partner included:

  • Having a deep knowledge and understanding of the Veeam solution and an ability to execute efficiently.
  • Being responsive to Techs+Together needs and able to commit to personal engagement and support for the Techs+Together team.
  • Having a sensible cost model that was compatible with the objectives of the Techs+Together community.
  • Providing a dashboard that unlocked macro and granular visibility to different business functions.
  • Recognition of skills and expertise by Veeam — formally recognized as a Gold or Platinum Veeam Cloud & Service Provider (VCSP) with one or more Veeam VCSP awards.

Overwhelmingly, Probax was selected as the VCSP partner of choice due to their ability to not only meet all the selection criteria, but also exceed them. 

By leveraging Probax solutions, MSPs in the Techs+Together community unlocked extensive benefits

Ability to launch and execute

Probax and Veeam delivered a flawless ‘go-to-market launch’ to the Techs+Together MSP community, with an excellent attendance of launch events and immediate adoption rates experienced.

Commitment to personal relationships

Long-term relationships are important in the Techs+Together community. The active, ongoing engagement from the Probax team on the Techs+Together created a seamless team experience.

Exceeding expectations

Probax Hive has far exceeded expectations by enabling a macro view of each MSP's business, while also providing ability to manage individual licenses and client environments. Hive provides one place to manage data protection for Microsoft 365, BaaS, AaaS, DRaaS and other options in one spot.

Accelerating MSP revenue streams

Access to a reliable and fit-for-purpose Microsoft 365 data protection solution from Probax and Veeam has resulted in shorter sales cycles, additional revenue streams and giving customers peace of mind knowing their critical 365 data is backed up and recoverable.

The Results

For MSPs in the Techs+Together community, leveraging Probax solutions has resulted in:

+39.7% growth

in storage consumed in a 90-day period as a result of a flawless go-to-market launch which was deployed between StoredTech, Techs+Together, Veeam and Probax with a well-executed announcement campaign reaching the right stakeholders.

+72% increase in clients using cloud backup

The Techs+Together community has more than 40TB, which represents a +72% increase in clients using cloud backup. The adoption trend is pointing ever upward.

A reliable, fit-for-purpose data protection for Microsoft 365 solution

Probax’s turn-key Microsoft Office 365 Backup & Archive solution provides Techs+Together MSPs and their end clients with an intuitive self-service portal, up to six daily backups and unlimited storage and retention in AWS (location selected by the MSP).

Transforming how MSPs manage Veeam environments and licenses

Probax Hive is transforming how MSPs manage Veeam environments and licenses, delivering accelerated engineering and administration efficiencies and unlocking business insights.