Winthrop Australia
Success Story

Enabling a leader in technology to create exceptional IT solutions

"As new hypervisors and related technologies are released, Probax is ready to support our customers as they adopt these innovative platforms. Probax’s centralised Hive platform allows us to see all our customer’s data protection statuses from a single view, saving a lot of time. As it centrally manages all environments no matter which Probax solution they are running, our team now has time to create exceptional IT solutions that encourage innovation and enhance the business processes of our customers."

- Dean Wallace
СTO, Winthrop Australia
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Winthrop Australia

Formed in 1996, Winthrop Australia is a privately owned subsidiary of the CDM Group of companies. A national organisation currently employing over 115 staff across Australia with multiple industry certifications, Winthrop Australia offers a consultative approach and aligns solutions that best fulfill their customers’ requirements.
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Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Australia
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ICT Managed Service Provider
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Business Continuity, Mobility, and Cloud Solutions. Professional and Managed ICT Services. Education Solutions

The Business Challenge

Reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for their customers is a core component of Winthrop Australia’s success. By unlocking value in existing technology investments, they enhance efficiencies and reduce risk without increasing costs. As an ICT Managed Service Provider, it is their responsibility to ensure their customers can recover data in the event of a malicious, environmental, hardware, or even accidental incident.

However, with technology evolving rapidly, aligning the correct data protection solution with a shifting technology platform proved challenging. After trialling an in-house Backup as a Service solution, Winthrop Australia found it impractical to create a competitive cost model that could scale. As customers want more value from every dollar spent with budgets tightening each year, Winthrop Australia needed a cost-effective solution to protect data on any platform.

Key Challenges Experienced


Building a competitive in-house solution that could scale was highly challenging

Increased expectations

Customers were demanding more from their existing technology investments as budgets decreased

High resource cost

The ongoing hardware, software, and human resource costs of offering an in-house platform was expensive and inefficient

Future offerings

Building, testing and deploying new in-house data protection solutions to customers was outside the core capability of the team
Probax Solution - Winthrop

The Probax Solution

After investigating various cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions for their customers, Winthrop Australia started working with Probax in 2017. As Probax’s end-to-end data protection solution ticked all the right boxes, Winthrop Australia migrated all their customers to this platform within a few months. Not only did it furnish Winthrop Australia with a full-service Backup and Disaster Recovery platform, but also created several real-world benefits that they could pass on to their customers.

Leveraging Backup as a Service, DR as a Service, Office 365, and Endpoint backup, Winthrop Australia could provide their customers with an enterprise-scale off-premise data protection solution. In some instances, customers also utilised the Probax, Veeam, and Honeycomb Cold Storage solution for their long-term retention requirements, needed to meet particular legal or compliance obligations.

By leveraging the Probax platform, Winthrop Australia unlocked extensive benefits

Simplified Management

Management of all data-protection solutions from Probax’s multi-tenant console (Probax Hive) eliminated the need to login to multiple consoles

Increased Effectiveness

Probax automation and intelligence reduced the time spent on backup maintenance and fixes

Proven Recovery

Automated recoverability testing of every backup, with email reporting, provided the Winthrop Australia team and their customers with the needed peace of mind

Lower Costs

Highly competitive data protection solutions with bundled Veeam licensing meant Winthrop Australia could offer a cost-effective and highly scalable backup platform

The Results

For Winthrop Australia, becoming a Probax channel partner has resulted in:

True Flexibility

Probax’s flexible pooled-storage model allows Winthrop Australia to scale client quotas across data centres worldwide – with the added benefit of advantageous pricing that increases net margin for existing customers as new customers are brought onto the platform

Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Highly competitive pricing combined with inbuilt automation and intelligence has helped lower operational costs and freed up resources to provide innovative, value-added services to their customers

Modern and Reliable Backup Architecture

Highly available and redundant cloud infrastructure combined with Veeam’s modern backup technology means customers have the most reliable and straightforward solution on the market

Industry-Leading Support

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) 2.8x the industry average, Probax ensures partners like Winthrop Australia can deliver exceptional service levels to their customers