Success Story

Probax solves MSPs’ greatest challenges with Veeam-powered data protection

“Our strategic partnerships with elite Veeam Cloud & Service Providers (VCSPs) such as Probax – a Veeam VCSP Reseller Ready partner in all four categories (MSP Backup, Off-site Backup, DRaaS and BaaS for Microsoft 365) – is so critical to ensure the success, scalability and reliability that customers and MSP partners pursue globally.”

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Matt Kalmenson
Vice President of Sales, Commercial Sales & Cloud Service Providers, Veeam


Veeam® is the leader in backup, recovery and data management solutions that deliver Modern Data Protection. The company provides a single platform for Cloud, Virtual, Physical, SaaS and Kubernetes environments. Veeam customers are confident their apps and data are protected and always available with the most simple, flexible, reliable and powerful platform in the industry. Veeam protects over 400,000 customers worldwide, including 81% of the Fortune 500 and 69% of the Global 2,000. Veeam’s global ecosystem includes 35,000+ technology partners, resellers and service providers, and alliance partners and has offices in more than 30 countries.
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Backup, disaster recovery and modern data protection software for virtual, physical and multi-cloud infrastructures

The Business Challenge

It’s a good time to be an MSP. As cloud adoption and cybercrime continue to surge, more and more organizations are reaching out to MSPs for data protection.

That doesn’t mean it’s easy to be an MSP. Their clients’ data is growing fast, and it’s spread across multiple environments, which means providing reliable, scalable and secure data protection can be a challenge. Some MSPs choose to invest in their IT infrastructures and hire additional administrators, but that adds cost and complexity. Most choose to partner with a Veeam Cloud & Service Provider.

“The MSP market is also crowded, which means MSPs have to differentiate themselves through technology or other means,” said Sam Meegahage, Chief Operating Officer at Probax. “That’s where we come in.”

That’s also where Veeam® comes in. In 2013, Probax forged a partnership with Veeam Software to help their joint clients solve complex data protection challenges. Probax committed to continuous innovation, and their efforts paid off. They won the inaugural Veeam Innovation Award in 2018, followed by VCSP Partner of the Year, Australia in 2021. One year prior, Probax was one of a select few to be approved in all three VCSP Reseller Ready competencies: Backup as a Services (BaaS) for Microsoft 365, offsite backup and MSP backup.

Veeam added a fourth competency in 2022 — Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), which Probax also obtained.

“Veeam is an integral part of our data protection platform and our growth strategy,” Meegahage said. “We offer innovative and intelligent MSP-ready solutions powered by Veeam technology (Veeam Backup & Replication™, Veeam Cloud Connect and Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365), enabling our MSP partners to meet their clients’ needs and grow their businesses.”

Key Challenges Experienced

Clients' data is growing fast and spread across multiple environments

Providing reliable, scalable and secure data protection can be a challenge

The MSP market is crowded

MSPs have to differentiate themselves through technology or other means

Increasing costs and complexity

Investing in own IT infrastructures and hiring additional administrators adds cost and complexity

Future offerings

Building, testing and deploying new in-house data protection solutions to customers is often outside the core capability of the team
Probax Solution - Veeam

The Veeam + Probax Solution

Probax transforms data protection for MSPs while reducing cost and complexity.

Probax also ensures scalability, affordability, ransomware resilience, data sovereignty and protection for Microsoft 365 workloads. As a result, the company’s revenue grows approximately 5% month over month.

“We make it easier than ever for MSPs to manage multiple client environments and workloads, take new products and services to market, generate demand and nurture leads,” Meegahage said. “What makes Probax unique is the automation and intelligence layer we wrap around Veeam solutions to save MSPs time and money. We also offer a comprehensive suite of partner-enablement resources to help grow their MSP business.”

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Keeping client data safe from ransomware is equally critical. Probax’s proprietary technology automatically migrates Veeam backups to airgapped storage, which removes the ability to read or delete data prior to a pre-configured expiry date.

Data protection begins with Probax Hive, a cloud-based, single-pane-of-glass management portal that handles the full scope of MSPs’ data protection needs, as well as Scout, an automatic data diagnosis and repair agent. Hive enables MSPs to automate Veeam licensing and manage services such as BaaS (called Honeycomb Hot Storage), DRaaS (Second Colony), AaaS (Honeycomb Cold Storage for long-term data retention and ransomware protection), OSaaS (Honeycomb Object Storage) and Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive.

Meegahage said Probax differentiates protection for Microsoft 365 workloads by checking every restore point to confirm all required data exists. MSPs have the flexibility to choose what they protect per client: Exchange Online only or the entire suite.

“Our Microsoft 365 Backup & Archive offering has garnered a great deal of attention from our MSP partners, making it one of our largest growth areas,” Meegahage said. “We’re helping them create new revenue streams (and it can be recurring revenue) as they expand into new markets.”

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The Results

Transforms data protection for MSPs while reducing cost and complexity

Probax offers out-of-the-box-ready solutions, enabling MSPs to quickly deliver Veeam-powered data protection to their clients. “We accelerate MSPs’ ability to take new products to market, and we make the entire process extremely easy through automation,” Meegahage said.

Ensures scalability, affordability, ransomware resiliency and data sovereignty

Probax helps MSPs increase their service offerings while lowering costs, improving performance and increasing profitability. “We’re solely focused on delivering outcomes that will improve their experience while providing peace of mind their clients’ data is always protected and recoverable,” Meegahage said.

Protects Microsoft 365 workloads and increases revenue 5% month over month

“We provide our MSP partners with complete control and protection of their clients’ Microsoft 365 data,” Meegahage said. “More and more MSPs are adopting this offering, which contributes to our revenue growing 5% month over month.”

Maintains client confidence by obtaining all VCSP Reseller Ready Competencies

“These competencies validate our offerings,” Meegahage said. “Veeam’s designation confirms what we already know: Probax is the gold standard. We’re proud to provide this additional proof point to our current and future customers.”

MSPs that partner with Probax unlock extensive benefits


True Flexibility

Probax’s flexible pooled-storage model allows Winthrop Australia to scale client quotas across data centres worldwide – with the added benefit of advantageous pricing that increases net margin for existing customers as new customers are brought onto the platform

Efficiency & Cost Reduction

Highly competitive pricing combined with inbuilt automation and intelligence has helped lower operational costs and freed up resources to provide innovative, value-added services to their customers

Modern and Reliable Backup Architecture

Highly available and redundant cloud infrastructure combined with Veeam’s modern backup technology means customers have the most reliable and straightforward solution on the market

Industry-Leading Support

With a Net Promoter Score (NPS) 2.8x the industry average, Probax ensures partners can deliver exceptional service levels to their customers